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About Me

Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

I moved to Dorset from a city in 2000 and as soon as I arrived I began my creative journey. Living by the sea does wonders for our creativity as it is a slower pace of life than in the city.

I began experimenting with different creative mediums.

In 2002 I went to Art college where I learnt to express my creativity more fluently. I learnt how to make jewellery with macrame in 2003, I sold some of my macrame jewellery pieces in the local handmade clothes store.

I also learnt how to make homemade poi and taught others how to play poi. I soon learnt that I was happiest when I was being creative.

In 2010 I performed with my fire poi with the NoFit State Circus. I also ran poi making workshops at festivals and events for 3 years.

In 2014 I began selling some of my crafts and jewellery at craft fairs. I enjoy being creative and will try my hand at any craft that inspires me.

In 2015 I taught myself to make 8 sided Ojo de Dios Spanish for God's Eye. A protection weaving token that was used on pathways and in peoples homes and workplaces to keep the eye of God on the place for protection against wrong doing or bad luck.

When COVID hit the world in 2020 I picked up my poi again and taught others how to play poi over facetime on Facebook. I made poi out of socks and tennis balls for my friends and family to buy so they could own their own set of poi to practice with. From the money I made from the sell of the poi I bought myself a sewing machine where I am able to make fabric sock poi that are sometimes for sell in my online store.

During COVID I learnt to wire wrap crystals and sold a few to friends. In 2022 I had made a huge amount of wire wrapped jewellery so I took them to the craft fairs where they are a huge hit. From here Crafts By The Sea was born.

I love working with crystals and seaglass as I find it fascinating that the earth and sea can hold onto hidden treasures for us to find. Treasures that have magical beauty, depending on each crystal depends on its specific meaning. The energy held within each rock holds its own magical power. Seaglass holds its own magic of being tumbled around within the sea where it eventually lands on the bay for someone like me to find.

I enjoy sourcing crystals and gems from my local fossil and crystal shops and tend to make a special day of personally hand picking each crystal and gemstone that I feel will make the perfect pendant or pair of earrings. I collect seaglass on the same day as sourcing crystals because one of the fossil shops happens to be situated on a really good seaglass shoreline.

In 2022 I started a YouTube channel to document my journey which soon turned into a wire wrapping tutorial for beginners channel. On my channel I offer free tutorials for others to learn the craft of wire wrapping crystals and seaglass. I enjoy helping others to succeed on their own crafting journey. 

Most of my inspiration comes from living near the coast. I am most content when creating crafts by the sea. my favourite scent of all time is the smell of the sea breeze. 

"Sea Air is the best Aromatherapy"

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