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Crystal Meanings

Crystal definitions

Short descriptions and meanings for gemstones and crystals in alphabetical order. 


Said to have been the eighth stone in the breastplate of the ancient high priest. Agate is a protection stone, protecting the wearer from danger. Agate encourages boldness and stimulates success.


The most spiritual of rocks with a very high vibration. Aids spiritual grounding, will still the mind, calm anxieties and help invoke a deeper meditative state. Amethyst is a soothing stone with powers of protection from negativity.


A good energy amplifier and remover of stagnant energy. Promotes emotional intelligence and hopefulness and increases motivation.


Known as the sun stone and holds the clear energy of the morning sunlight citrine brings joy, abundance and optimism to all areas of life, especially in career and finance.


Clear Quartz is known as the master healer, magnifying the power of all other crystals. Clear Quartz is used in technology; radios, watches and computers because it can store, amplify and transform energy. Clear Quartz can assist you in raising your vibration, enhance your intuition and  psychic abilities.


A stone or pebble that is hollow inside,  the walls of the cavity are lined with crystals.

These crystals can help aid hurt feelings giving you back the power to stand up again. Created by volcanic forces these crystals will help you find the strength to battle on against adversity.


Also called holey stone, adder stone, Odin's stone or fairy stone. Hagstones are found near rivers or on the coast line. A hagstone has a natural occuring hole through it created by years of tumbling in the sea. Hagstones have magical powers attached to them and are used  for protection, healing and the ability to see the fae.


Jade brings about a connection with nobility and wealth. As a protector of family, jade connects us to our ancestors. Jade is known as the Supreme Gem and the Jewel of Heaven, this stone will connect to all matters of the heart.


Having mystical properties, Jasper is believed to bring good health as well as courage and wisdom. A great nerve soother.


A crystal that attracts and supports unconditional love. With its calming and soothing qualities it assists in promoting self love. Rose quartz is a power heart stone that helps to open your heart chakra.


Also commonly known as the moon stone because of its pure vibrational energy. Selenite is a purification crystal used for energetic cleansing. A healing crystal with heavenly connections.

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